Beautiful condition, low mileage, five door diesel Fiesta

My partner and I are the third owner of this lovely little car.  We bought it from Sky Ford in Watford back in October 2012 for £4500 with 31k on the clock and drove it until November 2014 when our daughter was born.  At that point, I stopped work and the car was parked in the garage behind our house and not driven until now.  We have a main car which is the only one we now need as my partner commutes by tube five days a week.  After we realised that we weren’t using it, we declared it SORN and left it parked up out of the elements, but now we’ve decided there's absolutely no point in keeping it, so we're going to sell it on.

The car is still SORN, but we’ve taken it to our local garage (Perivale Motor Repairs Ltd) who have given it a full service and put it through its MOT (which it passed just fine).  They also advised me to put four new tyres on it and have the tracking adjusted, which we did. It also needed a couple of new bulbs and some brake pads on the front, along with a new battery.  The service, tyres, tracking, brakes and MOT cost just short of £600. 

The car is in great condition for an eleven year old vehicle and currently has 48017 miles on the clock, which for these cars is ridiculously low.  The garage said that they regularly see diesel Fiestas with 150k or more on the clock, so this is a vehicle that’s got a lot of life left in it.

There are one or two minor points that I’m going to be honest about, because decade year old cars are never perfect:

  • We seem to have lost the main key with the remote control on it.  Goodness knows where it is, we’re turning the house upside down looking for it, but for now, we’re selling the car with only the backup key, so if you want the remote central locking back, you’re going to need to order a new key from Ford.  They’re not too expensive.
  • There is a tiny, tiny bodywork mark just in front of the offside rear lights.  There is also a small rub mark on the paintwork on the driver’s door.  Both of these are photographed for you to see.
  • It's a little bit rattly - old diesels often are.  This one's been parked up for a while, which might not have helped.  But it goes well and is very reliable.

I’ve cleaned the car as best I can (with a two year old in tow!) but I’m rubbish at making cars shiny so the photos might show it a little smeary.  It’s actually pretty clean, I’m just not a very good car cleaner.

We’re asking £1500 for the car and I think that’s really fair.  We live in Perivale, five minutes walk from the Central Line tube station.

You can call me on 07960 875660 and you can find my other contact details here if you’d like to email, tweet or Facebook message me.  I’m not a dealer, I’m a real person who needs to sell a car.