Commercial rates card effective March 2015


Most commercial projects will be quoted for on a case-by-case basis, please call 07960 875660 or email [email protected] for more details.

Where standard rates are quoted, they are as follows:


  Half day Full day
Standard licence [1] £400 £750
Extended licence [2] +100% +100%
Standard editing and post production Included Included
Enhanced editing and post production [3] +50%


[1] Standard non-exclusive limited licence applies - for use on the internet, in promotion and marketing and in publications with a circulation not exceeding 250,000 (resale of the images themselves or use in merchandise is not permitted).

[2] A non-exclusive extended licence allows use in publications with a circulation above 250,000 and allows use of the images within saleable merchandise.

[3] Further tailored enhancements (cutouts, object removal, special effects, etc.)


Please also note:

  • A full day's shoot is defined as eight hours on site, with up to one hour post production
  • A half day's shoot is defined as four hours on site, with up to half an hour post production
  • Where an hourly rate is required, further post production will be charged at £150/hr
  • For complex shoots involving heavy equipment, background and lighting requirements as well as those with a large throughput of subjects, assistant(s) may be required, chargeable at £150/day each
  • Images will be supplied via a secure download link on my website within 48 hours unless agreed otherwise
  • Travel within the M25 but outside the congestion charging zone is included, otherwise billable at 40p/mile plus expenses.   Rail or air travel, accommodation, meals and other expenses are billed at cost unless previously quoted
  • VAT is not applicable