Fight Project


This is the project page for my upcoming series on fighting.  

The project seeks to reveal the abhorrence of violence in the way that men and women come to blows with each other.  Whilst any staged photograph of an attack or physical conflict will always to some degree be stylised, the project seeks to strip away the heroism that movie violence has come to represent and to replace it with the visceral repugnance of witnessing a real fight. 

Fear. Anger. Bruises that haven't gone dark yet. Blood and spit and sweat.  The viewer is both revulsed and compelled to keep watching... 


Test shoot images



Project schedule


Shoot Date Model MUA / Hair Assistant / studio tech
Thursday 9th June - LIGHTING TEST 1. James Joyce
​2. Carlos Borrás 
Rachel Collins  
Thursday 23rd June - Project Day 1 1. James Joyce
​2. Carlos Borrás 
3. Mark Ryder
Rachel Collins  
Thursday 30th June - Project Day 2


Rachel Collins  
Project Day 3      
Project Day 4      











Behind the scenes images

(test shoot)

DSC_5775DSC_5775   DSC_5941DSC_5941

DSC_5817DSC_5817 DSC_5951DSC_5951










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