Upcoming Personal Projects

This page shows some of the personal projects I'm currently working on.  If you'd like to find out more about an of these projects or get involved, please do contact me.  All of the work I do on these projects will be on a time-for-images basis.   This means that in return for your time, I'll provide you with a print of your finished portrait to say thank you for taking part.


Pregnancy food

Julian NormanBaked potato and cauliflower cheese

Lots of people take photos of their maternity bumps as their pregnancy progresses and there have been loads of great projects based around pregnant women's bodies.  My partner is currently in her second trimester and as her body changes, I'm going to be taking even more photographs of her than I usually do.

We've been going through some tough times in the last few weeks because she's been getting some pretty bad morning sickness.  A lot gets written about women's cravings for different foods during their pregnancy, but right now, the kind of foods that she wants to eat are really bland ones.  So I took a portrait of her with one of the dinners that she's asked for recently.

I'd really love to find out what other foods women find themselves wanting throughout their pregnancy and I'd like to explore the relationship that they have with these foods by producing a series of portraits of them.  I hope that the series might eventually find publication in a magazine or national newspaper.

I'm looking for other pregnant women who'd like to get involved with the project.  I can visit you and work in your home or you can come to me (my partner and I live in Ealing).  

All that you'll need to provide is yourself and whatever food you've been craving recently.  After your sitting, I'll provide you with a beautiful framed print of your portrait.  

If you'd like to find out some more about taking part in this project, you can write to me here: